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We work with you and for you.


We don't apply standard formula, but simply use our own skills and our experience -  gained across many sectors and over many years - to make genuine improvements.

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Eastcote Consulting is a Business Consulting partnership focused on Management, Strategic Advice, Business and Market Growth, Sales Development and Operational Improvement. We offer advice through to practical implementation, direction and programme management.

Our emphasis is on getting things done. We have considerable experience working on both client-side and supply-side, and we use this to design suitable solutions, and then actually make them work.


We work in all sectors, and have a long and varied client list.


Most of our work comes through personal recommendations. If you are interested in hearing from us, or working with us, then please contact us on the form below

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We are able to use our expertise in large national heritage organisations, local and national radio and television, and print media, to make a major impact for you.


We will advise, create, produce and implement as required.


Our Heritage & Tourism  Consulting business will advise on how to get the best customer experience for your property or location portfolio.


We deal with commercial locations, historical sites and international areas

Examples of the work of our team :


New visitor stories for key National Trust clients - driving significant increase in visitor numbers


Training and coaching for tours, guides and management


BBC radio and TV exposure for key locations


Advice and coaching for enterprises on new ways of attracting visitors - new models, new thinking


Newspaper and magazine articles in the national press and quality leisure press, promoting and enhancing the image of properties


Social Media exposure for groups and locations - complete service through to publication

We are able to provide high-quality voice-acting, voiceovers, book narration and other voice services.


We also deliver specific targetted copy for print media and digital uses, including both written and visual work.


Our media services business works with small and medium sized organisations to provide key services.


We can also advise and deliver for large organisations who are looking for high-quality solutions which are critical to success within a larger programme

Examples of the work of our team :


Visits, blogs, articles in prestigious publications - glossy and web-based


Voice acting for adaptations of major works (e.g. Lord of the Rings)


Voiceovers for internet media productions - both product and artistic


Book and story narration - both notable historical fiction and new works

Contact Details : [email protected] +44 7881 924033